[possible bug] No sound when importing a youtube video

I regularly import video’s from youtube. Normally, I have no problem doing this, but since this morning it seems the video is linked fine, the text is imported fine, but the audio (on the play button of the story) is empty i.e. greyed out.

If you look at the stories I created (private, I have no permission to share yet) called “Jarps art - Stories Pekka” then you can see that the stories 1 - 9 all have the appropriate audio and #10 does not. This one I imported this morning on chrome.

Could you please have a look what is going on here?

Kind regards, Guus.

Can you please post a link to that video? I want to try and import it on my end to see what happens.

Thanks, I’ll report it, we’ll get that fixed.

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This is now fixed. Thanks again for reporting the issue.

I have the same issue. However when I import it a second time it has sound.

Zoran said it was fixed, so it should work now every time. I am yet to try it out myself.