[possible bug] Line distance in mobile app (android)


Today I’ve tried out the mobile app on my android phone and despite it working thus far there is one thing that could need some work. In the options you can set the line distance as a multiplicative of the text size. I’ve set it to the lowest possible value, which is 0.5 times the text size.

However, this doesn’t affect paragraphs. So if a new paragraph starts, the distance is easely twice the text size. This is an issue especially in the Mini Stories for me thus far, as each sentence is a new paragraph there.

It would be good if the distance between paragraphs could be specified, too.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will see what we can do.


Is anything done about it? Because I experience the same issue. Besides, why is each sentence a new paragraph at all, not only in ministories? In the mobile app that makes the distance between them huge. But even in the web version the text flow is different from a conventional book. What is the issue of that? I mean the sentence per sentence translation can work independently of the representation of the text.

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No, no changes so far.