Possibility of Having 60-Day Challenges In Addition to the Existing 90-Day Challenges?

I’m wondering if it would be possible for Lingq to have 60-day challenges ( in addition to the existing 90-day challenges, not as a replacement) and what users think of such a possibility. This year I completed one 90-day challenge and I’m currently just over 2/3 of the way through a second one. I’ve enjoyed it, and I feel like I learned a lot, but I have to say that for me it gets somewhat draining to keep at it every day or almost every day for three months. For me, I think 60 days would be a good length - long enough for a productive commitment of time and effort, but not so long as to lead to burn out. Any thoughts?

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At the moment we don’t have that in plans, but maybe one day!

Well, if you look at the benchmarks of 90-day challenges really it is not that hardcore. You can take it slow. Consistency is key so instead of not spending any time at all it is better to spend 15 minutes - it is stress-free.

I see your point. Thanks for your thoughts. I think, though, that I may have a different perspective on the purpose of a challenge. During times when I am not participating in a challenge, I approach Lingq in the manner you describe - being consistent each day (or most days!), not stressing out too much. I sign up for a challenge, though, to really push myself beyond how I use Lingq in a non-challenge environment. During the challenge, I try to go way beyond the minimum, to achieve as much as possible during the challenge period, and I admit that I get into the friendly competition with the other participants in the challenge. There are some days when I’m not feeling motivated, but I see that the other challenge participants are working hard, and I work to keep up with them, and some of them seem to do an amazing amount of work! So, for me, with my perspective on challenges, I think that a less-than-90-day time period - of maybe 60 days - would work better. I think I can maintain intensity of study for 60 days, but 90 gets to be too much for me, so I drift off during the last 30 days. In short, I wonder if a range of options for the length of the challenge would be better for many users. Some people may be deterred from doing a 90-day challenge because it is too long, but maybe they would challenge themselves for a shorter time period - 60, or even 30, days - during which they could push themselves beyond their normal Lingq work level to hopefully make at least a bit of a breakthrough? A range of time periods for challenges maybe would be better for other users? My current challenge offiicially will be over in a few weeks. At that time, I will go back to the approach you describe, doing some every day, not stressing, hopefully making progress little by little without overdoing it. Thanks!

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In your case, you already drift off in the last 30 days, technically speaking, it is already 60 days hardcore challenge for you. :wink: Considering the bare minimum which is set by LingQ if you go hard at it you will achieve all your targets within 2 weeks. After that whatever you do it should be construed as “hardcore”. :slight_smile: I never compete with others. I only compete with myself. I try to meet my own micro-goals, for example, my goal is to listen 6 hours a day in German. I will do it regardless if it has any positive or negative influence on 30-60-90 days challenges. Your idea makes sense if you win a real “trophy” :slight_smile: or some “points” you will be awarded for using them to learn a language without spending money. Nevertheless, it is a good suggestion, if a short duration competition motivates you to learn a language intensively then yes it is nice to have a variation and may motivate some language learners.

Six hours a day of listening in Deutsch! That is amazing!

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