Positive feedback and a question to lingqs expert users

I decided to share this because i was surprised in a very positive way. I just finished rewieving a couple of lessons and today morning i reviewed some of the words in my list, read notes of lingqs (i feel better using an external online dictionary pasting all the infos in the notes) changing the status of some of them, using the player along with rewieving words through the lingq yellow popup while listening. Basically all i think is necessary to learn naturally. All on my unexpensive, slow, 2,8 inch android phone. Giving to the guys the good feedback i would also ask about what’s your strategy in using the site… Do you use list review? Or just repeating more and more a lesson reviewing lingqs while listening and reading lessons? I would like to have some tips from whom have learned a language here. Thanks

.and obviously is not so easy to use the site on a 2,8 screen, but that’s another story

Normally I don’t have time to review my LingQs but everyday I read and listen content on LingQ and I find again my lingQs naturally reading text’s.
I never say “Now I’ll spend time reviewing my lingqs” I just read text and review the words naturally.

That is what i was thinking… It’s great to have the possibility to have flashcards, cloze tests, ecc but i find more natural finding lingqs again and again in readings. The only thing i would say is that is good to rather go quiclky over the list sorted by lingq status trying to update the status of your 1-level lingqs cause i find great to see different types of yellow underlinements depending on your knowledge of the single word. But you could do this also just reading and reading lessons modifying lingqs status were necessary while listening.