Position of lesson notes on the Exchange

As said in the title the lesson notes are shown in a way that made them unreadable. They are shown inbetween the text and overlaying it. I made a video to make it clear:

The lesson descriptions are also still hidden, which often contain an explanation of copyright ownership for images and audio etc (or why it isn’t copyrighted eg creative commons etc

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Good point, Keke.

@VeraI - Thanks! We have this on our list and are looking at getting it resolved soon.

@Alex: Please can you give us a timeline when lesson descriptions will be shown again? As we were told to add copyright notes in the lesson description for years, I did this right from the beginning. Not to show them is against the CC-lizenze rules. In the worst case we have to delete the content or add the copyright note to the text. That cannot be what LingQ wants.

We were working on this recently and it should be fixed, however, it looks like those notes are still not showing up properly for exchange mistakes. We will look into it again and get that working asap.

Regarding the other issue with lesson description, where are lesson descriptions being hidden that were visible before?

@Mark: As far as I remember In older versions of LingQ the lesson description were shown in the library. Later they were not shown there. Then you changed it again and now only 2 lines are shown. That is too short. Don’t forget the course descriptions. They are important too because the copyright issues was/is often added to the course description.

At least you should show them on the lesson page.

By the way, your descriptions are also involved for example the picasa declaration for the official LingQ podcasts pictures.

The exchange notes should now be showing up properly. You may have to ctrl + refresh to clear your cache. Regarding the lesson descriptions, we will add a way to see the full lesson description in the Library. The course description is currently visible in the Library.

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Thank you Mark for all your efforts. Lesson notes work fine now.

Great to hear! Thanks.