Posez des questions à votre tuteur (Ask Your Tutor)

Posez des questions à votre tuteur (Ask Your Tutor)

How do I create a new thread here?

Once you’re on the forum ‘Posez des questions à votre tuteur (ask your tutor)’ , on the section of the language you’re learning, there is a link ‘Create a new thread’ on the right below the title and beside the description of the forum.
Click on it, then you can add a title, a term and write your question in the text area.

You can also ask a question about a word or expression when you’re studying an item. On the LingQ widget, there are Dictionary, Exemples, List and Tutor. Click on Tutor and you’re conducted to the forum, ask your question by filling the title and text areas.

I hope this help.

You do have to be a Premium or Plus member to ask questions on the Ask Your Tutor forum. Free and Basic members do not have a tutor and won’t see the “Create a new thread” link for that specific forum.