i studied portuguese but the Brazilian dialect and i’m finally getting used to the pronounciation and i though now i’m making some progress i met some people from my work. they were people from Portugal from the moment they started speaking i could not make a lot it sounded so different a lot of shushing sounds. i heard the accent between the two countries was different but it really confuses me do Brazilians or portuguese understand each other well

I’m Brazilian. How can I help you?

No, I’m brazilian and i can’t understand Portuguese people very well because of the accent and they talk very fast.

It’s quite different indeed but eventually you’ll get used to it. I started to learn Portuguese with Brazilian resources (TV, radio, etc…) but then spent 6 months in Portugal. Now I use the Portuguese pronunciation. It was a bit hard at first to learn to pronounce words differently but I made it. :wink:
It’s the same language anyway.

we can understand each other, I never had problems speaking with any Portuguese however I never talked with many and never have being to Portugal.
For people that are not native in this language, probably is much harder to understand.

I’m from Portugal and I understand most of the Brazilian Portuguese, except some strong dialects, or some words that are only used in Brazil, not in Portugal. Brazilian soap operas (novelas) have been broadcast for many years on Portuguese TV and everyone here understands them.

Usually we are able to talk to each other by adjusting our speech to a more neutral variety. We have little no trouble understanding formal language from the other country, such as news broadcasts. But we don’t always understand the actual language people from the other country use to talk to each other.

It is normal to be able to deal with only one of the two until you’ve accumulated hundreds of hours of listening.

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