Hi, Can anyone tell me if the Portuguese course is European or Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks.

Most lessons are in Brazilian Portuguese. The variety is displayed in the Accent field. In the Library, you can filter lessons according to this field.

Thanks. It was European Portuguese I was looking for, so I might be better with another course.

@MelissaM - There is quite a bit of content in European Portuguese as well. I suggest going to the Portuguese Library Login - LingQ and choosing European Portuguese from the accent filter in the “Show more filters” area. Keep in mind that vocabulary is the most important thing and the vocabulary is the same in both types of Portuguese. In fact, it won’t do you any harm to learn from both types. As well, you are able to import any Portuguese from the web and learn from it on LingQ.

Hi Melissa
I have created some lessons in European Portuguese, and imported some podcasts as well. Check my profile and you have a list there.


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Great, I will do! Thanks Mark & Fernanda.