Portuguese tutoring

I’ll be correcting writings in Portuguese from now on. No Skype conversations for now, though, as I’m not sure how I’d be able to solve or avoid some technical issues (kids running around and yelling during lessons, for example).

If anyone wants help with Portuguese (or English, for that matter), just drop me a line.

What a pity that I’m not learning Portuguese. Good luck with becoming/being a LingQ tutor!

Thank you, SanneT. At least we already have three languages in common. : )

It’s never late to start!

@mfr You are being very kind : I’m just about to give up on Russian because my little old brain doesn’t seem to want to learn it. But thank you for the encouragement!

Sanne, as you already know Spanish, it should be much easier for you to start learning Portuguese. But at first you have to decide, whether you’d like to learn the Brazilian or the European accent (otherwise you might be confused by the different pronunciations). I’m sure that you’ll already notice a remarkable progress just after very few weeks.
Besides, it may be an incentive for me to resume my studies of this language when I see lots of other members starting to learn it. :slight_smile:

Don’t give up. How long have you been learning Russian?

@Il_melomane: What a selfish beast you are! :slight_smile: Seriously, working on three languages is all I can cope with at the moment. My brain gets tired. If ever I were to start learning Portuguese, I’d have to go for the European accent, I suppose. I can’t imagine ever getting to Brazil, wonderful as it sounds. I do read the Portuguese threads quite often, simply to see what I can understand without the help of Google translate. It is nice to see that Spanish has given me a passive grasp of written Portuguese.

Edited to make clear that I meant Frank and not Elric with my facetious comment…

Though I like the Brazilian accent a lot (mainly in music), of course I’d suggest you learn European Portuguese, as I am Portuguese. I have recently created / imported some new resources in European Portuguese in which you might be interested:


And thank you for all of those, Fernanda! I’m working through them a second time now. After looping your Conversas do dia a dia > Combinar um almoço, I can do a pretty good imitation. : ) I love listening to that lesson because it’s so much like the real life conversations that I’m surrounded with when visiting in Portugal. Muito obrigada.

@mfr I shall look at them, I promise. It won’t be immediately, though! Thank you for trying to get me off my backside :slight_smile:

@Elric : Et tu, Brute? I have never managed to go beyond Beginners in Russian (and I have been trying on and off for very many years). I adore the sound of Russian, I don’t have any difficulty with the script, but the language just eludes me.

Thanks for your words. They encourage me to go on producing similar material.

I never tried to learn Russian, but it is probably as difficult as Portuguese or even more.So, why not? :slight_smile:

Have you been following a textbook or are you studying just here at LingQ?

I find Russian grammar much more complex than Portuguese, except for the verb tenses.


У меня есть книги … и книги … и книги …

Фе щту зщште Ш умут рфв ф вшсешщтфкн ща еукьы ащк кфшдцфн утпштуукы (Sorry forgot to switch to the English keyboard. It was meant to read "At one time I even had a dictionary for railway engineers.) I love secondhand bookshops, you see.

If ever I produce little Portuguese writing exercises, I’ll share them between Elric and you.

I too love secondhand bookshops. I have been following Assimil Russian and the Princeton Russian Course as well as lots of vocabulary work at memrise.com and reading lots here at lingq, especially Evgueny’s lessons. I’ve been working at my Russian for a year already. It’s just a matter of sticking to it. If all else fails, do some massive exposure Russian-all-the-time stints.

ok, I’ll be glad to read your writings and share them with Elric. It will give you (and Elric and me) the opportunity to check the differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese.

What to you think of memrise.com? I’ve just created an account there and took a look. How do you compare it to Lingq? As far as I can say from a 10 minute visit they emphasize the learning of vocabulary itself, rather than in context. One thing that puzzled me is that I couldn’t find audio for the words I came across. How can we learn a language without knowing how to pronounce words? Or perhaps I couldn’t find the right place.

I love memrise. It works great for me as a way to get a first contact with new vocabulary or to review known words. Many of the readymade mnemonics work a treat, and you can create your own. The audio recordings in there are made by volunteers/members, so many of the words don’t have any sound, but a lof of the vocabulary for the more popular languages does have accompanying audio.