Portuguese Tenses & Verb Conjugations Help

Hello! I have managed to find a website (https://www.verbugata.com) that has all the Portuguese verb tenses and conjugations with the ability to practise them. Would someone be able to help and tell me which verb tenses I should learn and should not learn as a beginner and the reasons why? (I do not want to waste my time learning something that is not going to be used!)

Thank you!


Cool, hadn’t ever seen that site.

We use all of those tenses but “pretérito mais que perfeito” and “futuro do presente”, and the form we actually use for the future is absent in the site. The sentence they use to illustrate pretérito mais que perfeito is actually plain pretérito perfeito. They also don’t have present continuos, that’s top 3 most used tenses for sure. Oh, they actually have it under the name “gerund”. Tricky.

If you really wanna study that way, first: don’t include tu/vós. Start by present, then present continuous, simple past, “past imperfect”… and future is very simple, you just need vou, vai, vamos, vão + infinitive. Once you master it, move to the others, subjunctive forms should be the last, as they are the least intuitive in terms of usage.

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Wonderful thank you for your feedback! (trying to find some resources that have the top 100 verbs and conjugations was tricky this is the best I have found)

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Try Conjugação (https://www.conjugacao.com.br/) and Conjuga-me (https://conjuga-me.net/) too.

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I feel like with the amount of different texts of Portuguese I’ve read on here I suspect I have encountered 90% or more of the forms and don’t think you’re likely wasting time and something won’t be used. Unless you mean drilling down into stuff that is much more in use with spoken word then I totally understand.