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I have searched for Portuguese content to import here on LingQ, but I’m having a hard time. If you could recommend me any youtube channels, websites or podcasts it would be great. I prefer Brazilian Portuguese, but I wouldn’t mind listening to european portuguese or other versions of it.



Perhaps I can help you! What kind of content are you looking for?

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Thank you! I have a wide range of interests, it could be history, comedy, travel, news, or almost anything really. I just started learning on saturday but I speak Spanish as a native language, so I don’t have difficulties understanding Brazilian Portuguese.

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Ok, There is a website called “Brasil Escola” teaching about the history of Brazil. There is an audio as well on the page.

The next one is a humor website I hope you enjoy: Humor - Mega Curioso

I don’t know if you enjoy the news but here’s a good one: https://www.uol.com.br/

I hope it can help you! Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help in your journey to learn Brazilian Portuguese!!


I almost forget! Search for Nerdcast – Jovem Nerd on iTunes it is a good podcast in Portuguese :slight_smile:


Thank you, I don’t need more help for now. If you decide to learn Spanish or any of the other languages that I speak, I would be glad to help!!

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Are there transcripts? I haven’t been able to find them.

There are good TED Portuguese talks with subtitles for easy import on Lingq. On Youtube I collected the following for my studies:

  1. Carla Fernandes (15:00): Ser mulher negra em Lisboa
  2. Renato Meirelles (18:31): 5 histórias para entender o Brasil
  3. Raíssa Müller (16:38): Da loucura de sonhar ao desafio de conquistar
  4. Iradj Eghrari (18:18): Como dar sentido à sua vida
  5. Stephanie Ribeiro (7:14): Eu quero poder ser fraca
  6. Maria Dalva Oliveira Rolim (15:40): Tome as rédeas da sua vida
  7. Karina Barretto (16:06): Como Conhecer Pessoas Interessantes
  8. Roger Koeppl (18:27): O trabalho não precisa ser uma tortura
  9. Márcio Ballas (17:05): O olhar do SIM - Lições do palhaço e do improviso
  10. Thiago Nigro (10:52): Os três piores conselhos sobre dinheiro

Unfortunately not.

Here is the official webpage: Nerdtech - Jovem Nerd

Hey, Patricio. How’re you doing?

Here’s a list of my favorite Brazillian channels/programs on Youtube:

Buenas Ideas (Brazillian History): Buenas Ideias - YouTube

Greg News (Politics-Humor): GREG NEWS | FODA-SE O NIÓBIO - YouTube

Um café lá em casa (Brazillian Music-Interviews): UM CAFÉ LÁ EM CASA - YouTube

Ensaio TV Cultura (Brazillian Music-Interviews): Programa Ensaio - YouTube

Larica Total (Humor-Cooking): Larica Total l O Yakisobra EP 06 - YouTube

The next ones are not exactly the kind of stuff I like the most, but they’re very popular in Brazil:

Zangado (Games): Zangado - YouTube

Felipe Neto (Humor): Felipe Neto - YouTube

Porta dos fundos (Humor): Porta dos Fundos - YouTube


Thank you, I’ll definitely check them out!

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I don’t know if these channels have the closed captions but lingq blog did post a list of brasilian youtubers.




These are some Brazilian youtube channels I watch.
Nexo Jornal - YouTube News
Spotniks - YouTube Politics and Current Issues
Porta dos Fundos - YouTube Comedy
reVisão - YouTube History
Se Liga - Enem e Vestibulares - YouTube History, philosophy, other educational subjects


Thank you for the channels, I already watched some videos and they are definitely my type.

This seems like an interesting channel. I haven’t watched it yet but I plan to use it in order to take my portuguese up a notch.
It 's seems to be one of those “how is it to live in country X” types of channels.

Alemanizando - YouTube

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