Portuguese Children's books


I am looking to continue my learning by reading children’s books. I heard that by reading children’s books, they give you a solid foundation of the language.

Does anyone have any online resources of Portuguese children’s books? It doesn’t matter to me if they’re from Portugal or Brazil.

Also, does anyone have success from this method?

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Maybe this will help:

Also a bunch of links here:

Especially this: http://www.educacional.com.br/projetos/ef1a4/contosdefadas/contos.html

If you want to find more, you can search for “livros infantis online”.

Also, does anyone have success from this method?

Books from about 4th grade level on up I read in Russian and French and find this helpful and very enjoyable. Sentence structure is simpler in such books. However, dialogue often is difficult, as tough to understand as dialogue in adult books when it is very colloquial.

I personally have never found children’s books helpful. I do not find them easier, nor particularly interesting. But it all depends on individuals, their tastes and study habits. One idea would be to read and listen to O Principezinho ( The Little Prince). I have the book and audio book. I am sure you can find the ebook and audio book on the web.

Google or try http://revisitaraeducacao.blogspot.com.au/2010/05/o-principezinho-em-audiolivro.html

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