"Popular Meanings"

In the sidebar for “popular meanings” there are plenty of translations that are simply nonsense. Is there a way to remove these incorrect translations?

Yes, AFAIK you can report/flag them.

Thank you. Could you tell me how to do this?

On the browser, click “Report”, then the offending definition.
Screenshot 2024-02-10 13.35.27

On iOS, swipe left on the offending definition, then click “Flag”.

I don’t know how the Android version works, but it may be the same or similar as the iOS one.

I have already done that. But I wasn’t sure whether that was what was meant, because I use the German-language user interface and the button there says “Bericht”. However, the word “Bericht” means rather “report” in the sense of “statement”, “narration” or “account” and not “signalling”, “notification” or “message”, which is what is meant here. The German word for this would be “Meldung”.
But anyway, I clicked on “Bericht” and the message “erledigt” immediately appeared, which roughly means “done”. I didn’t have a chance to explain WHY I reported this translation. And only with such an explanation such a message would make sense. Thanks anyway.

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From one German speaker to another, I agree. It should be “Meldung” or “Melden”!