Popular meanings using AI

The popular meanings are off most of the time in Hungarian. I then have to click on google translate and many times it also gives me an incorrect translation. I then have to copy and paste from google translate into chatgpt to get the correct definition which I then have to copy and paste back into lingQ. This would all be solved if LingQ could somehow share the word databases of each respective language with an AI program. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to find the definition, LingQ offers me the AI definition result first in the popular meanings. In notes, it would be nice to have info on the words. Such as grammar info and etymology. Is this on a list of things for LingQ to implement?


I can’t speak to the technical/legal/economic aspects of using AI for definitions of words and phrases (especially the latter), but I find the LingQ definition panel and Google Translate pretty iffy compared to ChatGPT-4.

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I’ll second that.I really think GTP4 or 3.5 do much better.It’s a trend.Using a powerful tool will make learning language more easier.That’s exactly what the website of lingQ to do.And today AI is the most powerful tool.