Poor Texas German!

According to a professor in Texas, Texas German is dying out…

The video does not work in (atleast my part of) the US.

That’s absolutely fascinating though. There are still other dialects of German fully intanct here. The Amish are a good example, just good luck talking to them as an actual German, lol. They still call Americans “English” and Germans “Prussians.”

I think the most popular dialect in the world is the one used in Hollywood productions or national US television it’s the midwestern US-accent and even the southern accent is not used as often anymore among the internet generation youth of more populated southern areas, so to speak. Dialects as a whole in the US are shrinking due to this one language, one dialect influence and it would not surprise me if young UK english-speakers have started to use more american expressions and idioms in recent years.

Texas German was probably never extremely relevant in the first place, it’s not a major loss, but what is more upsetting is the western/Google english internet empire that has a huge lingual infuence on many youth in countries in the west, you will often see countries in northern europe and slowly even Germany moving towards communicating mainly in English and using engllish expressions which stem mainly from this one american dialect.

Actually I wanted to make a topic on something similar to this, and I apologize, I’ve forgotten how to capitalize nouns in english.

Wuahahahah, long live the Midwest accent. :slight_smile:

Man, my father is only 4th generation full blood German, but he doesn’t speak German and neither did his parents. They all settled in southern Illinois, but the language was gone at least by the 3rd generation on both sides. I wouldn’t doubt if the first generation born in the States in the mid 1800’s only spoke English. Anyway, it disappeared pretty fast. It’s neat there are still German speakers in Texas though.

Now if Swiss German would only die out… then maybe I’d understand the locals here.

Okay okay, I’m kidding. Jolanda would hunt me down if I were serious

I take it jolanda still hasn’t seen this thread… I like the idea of being called a “Prussian”, am not sure though how the “English” like being called “English”. Wasn’t there the little matter of Independence???