Poor and Rich

Real richness is inner, not external.

Does the sentence above make sense to you? Or it’s unnatural?

It makes sense, but it is a little unnatural. You could say “true richness is internal, not external” . Using “wealth” instead of “richness” would sound even more natural but I think it loses some effect in the point you are trying to make with the statement.

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“True wealth is internal, not external.”

It sounds better. I like this. Thanks a lot!!!

I only pay about half of what is shown in the picture for the “rich” guy. Does that mean that I’m super rich? (Don’t tell my wife.)


Seriously, I don’t think every pair of pants I own add up to $70. That dude must be rich haha.

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Okay, but if they’re both going out in the same winter weather, Rich Guy is going to be the one who freezes :stuck_out_tongue:


From the right side russian person surely, because the average salary in russia is about 500$