Polygot Scot new BHP CEO

Some interesting quotes regarding new BHP Billiton CEO, Andrew Mackenzie, in the press this week. Apart from a science Phd, he also speaks 5 languages, and credits this with his success in business.

“Besides English he speaks four other languages (Norwegian, French, German, Spanish) plus a smattering of Russian, and likes to think that the business world is an applied version of the “huge intellectual effort” that goes into understanding science and learning languages.”

“Scottish scientist turned industry captain now leads BHP
A scientist turned captain of industry, Andrew Mackenzie, 56, once named his science and language skills – he speaks five – as his “secret weapons”.”

“Mackenzie… used the time to master Spanish – his fifth language – to help him conduct contract talks in South America as soon as he started.”

"All the business stuff - accounting, etc. - is so easy in comparison; my science and language skills are my secret weapons”.