Polyglot Luca Lampariello

How does Luca Lampariello speak perfectly every language she studies or learns?

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maybe practicing more and more, especially speaking

I really wonder what was so fun that he continued to study so much… :smiley:

In another video he skipped Japanese so I was doubtful, but here he starts with it and I must say, despite some tiny mistakes like saying instead of head=atama, amata, and many pitch mistakes, taking into account that no grammar mistake has been made and he speaks most probably all other languages without any grammar mistakes… he is truly amazing! He explained in Japanese that during the middle school time his teachers discouraged him and he had only an average score, so how did he manage to keep his motivation going???

Japanese has one big difference and difficulty compared to other languages, namely the business politeand honorific forms and I have not heard him use any of these in his speech, which many native Japanese speakers cannot speak or do not even care to learn… :fearful:

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In my opinion it is a mix of talent, hard work and a life that allows a lot of time available for languages.

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Luca (a man) has explained his skills in various languages in several Youtube videos over the years. He’s been involved with some languages for many years and even has lived in the country where the language was spoken (e.g., in France) and/or had close relationships with native speakers of that language. This undoubtedly explains his native-like use of conversational idioms in some languages that would be hard to pick up without such experience.

However, living in a country where the language is spoken and conversing daily with native speakers doesn’t by itself guarantee a great accent as is all too obvious. One has to WANT to speak well and this takes conscious effort. In Luca’s case he values good pronunciation and intonation and works on them, carefully listening and repeating line by line HOW a native speaker says something. He has a few videos which discuss how to do this. It’s not magic but does take motivation and effort.