Polyglot learning

I would like to know everyone’s opinion on the following question. It is possible to learn more than one language at the same time. I need to improve my English. and I also need to learn more Spanish and learn Italian. Is it possible to learn more than one language? I need tips on how to do this.


I suggest you to take a look at Steve’s videos on that topic:
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I’ve been learning Cantonese and Chinese concurrently. It’s possible. Not really any tips, just take the time.

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Learning two very similar languages at the same time can be tricky. I have never really had any great trouble in terms of studying two related languages as some have but I have noticed that for me it’s important to focus on one language at a time when studying two languages at once.

What I mean is that for example currently my main two focuses are on learning Portuguese and Catalan. I’d say that I am actively studying two languages at the same time. However, when I think back at the three weeks (2020) during which I have focused on Por and Cat the way I have done it is that the first week of this year I did Portuguese exclusively. I might have looked at a few conjugation tables in Catalan and read a few articles but the first week I did mostly (80 %) Portuguese.

Then I got somewhat bored/burned out so I switched to Catalan as it’s one of my favorite languages and because I have a book in Catalan that I really want to read. Over the last couple of I have mostly focused on Catalan. I think this sort of separation between the languages is important.

As there are so many languages that I want to learn, I did try out a system on duolingo where I would divide the days of the week into different languages so on Mondays I would do Catalan, on Thursdays I would do Portuguese etc. I got really stressed out because I did not really want to study a certain language on a specific day and eventually I opted to focus on one language at a time but every once in a while change the language that I focus on in order to not get burn out or lose momentum.

So to summurise, if you study to languages at the same time, study, decide what language to study based on the language you want to study and remember to alternate between the two, three or how ever many language you are learning.


I don’t think studying multiple languages at the same time is an issue. Just make sure you give each one the time that it deserves and don’t take too many days off in a row per language. It also helps if the languages are at different stages. For example, studying a brand new language can take lots of mental energy compared to a language that you’ve reached upper intermediate level. So study the newer language first and then switch to the more developed languages later.

I believe it is a personal decision, and for me starting two languages is akin chasing two rabbits at once.