Poll: What are everyone's thought on the new YouTube import method?

If you have used both methods before, I ask you to please share your vote in this poll I have created. Please feel free to share your reason in the comments if you’d like.

Let’s get a discussion going so that we can collectively create the best learning environment using LingQ.

  • I want to choose between the classic method and AI
  • I want to use the classic method only (instant imports, YouTube generated subtitles)
  • I want to use the AI method only (queued imports, AI generated subtitles)
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I voted in favor of the AI generated subtitles as they are usually better then the autogenerated ones by lingq. Of cource in case the video has actual real subtitles then those should be imported instead (just as it works currently, please dont change this :slight_smile: ).


The AI method is so slow. It’s nice to have, but we need the option of just pulling from the auto-generated subtitles on Youtube. AI method is too slow. I get the sense I’m waiting in line for a service I never had to wait for before–and the method it is replacing wasn’t broken. And if it ain’t broke…

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The Classic Classic method was that before, Youtube only worked if there were subtitles in it, and not auto-generated.

I would say:

If there are subtitles it should work smoothly as it’s always been.

If there are auto-generated subtitles it would be nice to choose between automatically importing the transcript and AI-Whisper.

It is true that everybody can always copy/paste the video’s transcript in few seconds, like we have always done for a long time. AI-Whisper generated subtitles are better than AI-Youtube generated subtitles. So, if you want accuracy, the latter is currently the best.


I voted “AI”, but I would also never even bother with the autogenerated subtitles on youtube. WIthout punctuation they are not very helpful imo (except while watching the video).

However, I can understand the desire by some to import these, so having a choice would be nice.

I just noticed this last week and it´s a fantastic new addition to LingQ. I especially like how they also added a Pending Queue tab to the top, so you can see the YouTube AI jobs in progress.

Great job LingQ team.


I only work with videos with CC subtitles or I upload a transcript manually. Therefore, I want to stick with the classic method to know for certain I have accurate subtitles.

I have only uploaded ebooks with Spanish, but can’t figure out how to upload the audio too, so it’s auto-generated, which isn’t great. But I’m listening to and reading native content now anyway, so not too important with Spanish.
Once my French improves, I’ll have a look at importing from YouTube, so I can actually have an opinion on this