Politics serie in Spanish, interesting content!

Are you learning spanish? Are you interested to lisen about politics? I present you my favorite Spanish serie about politics! Really interesting topics!

Fort Apache:

Hope ypu like it!

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Thanks for the link!

Fort Apache is great. My husband is learning Spanish and he likes that kind of discussions very much.

More politics content is always welcome, thanks! I’m enjoying RTVE.es En Portada, which has a format instantly recognisable in the UK as similar to Panorama or perhaps Storyville: En portada - Programa de actualidad en RTVE Play

Do you know any good politics podcasts in spanish?

My favorite politics content its the one Ive posted already, normaly I download the audio with this website: http://www.vidtomp3.com/

It may be really difficul to understand , because there are no transcrips and It has a complex vocavulary.

Here you have a website with lots of politics podcast to check out: Podcasts de Política, economía y opinión

That’s great. Yes, I have my own linux app (youtube-dl) that extracts audio from youtube, an excellent resource. Perhaps I’ll do that with Fort Apache. Ivoox is also great, I’ve already discovered some excellent content there, the Spanish podcasting world is huge!

@ esko_yera
Thank you very much for the link.

Recently I’ve understood how useful (and often fun) listening discussions are for language learning. You get interesting context and natural expressions that you can use in your own conversations.

Thanks for the links above. I think I will start to watch Fort Apache. Maybe I will turn them into mp3s too.

What I would like more is to have an interesting discussion (about politics, history, science, things like that) with a transcript. Could someone recommend something like this? I might even pay for them.

So politics etc discussions with transcripts please?

Maybe you could tell your favorites in the lingq.com library(?). I might not have found all of them. Thanks!

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Completely agree listening to discussions is great listening practice. Fortunately for us there are loads of these tertulias on the internet (I compiled my favourite discoveries here: http://www.lingq.com/forum/6/31059/?page=1#post-173860). Unfortunately none of them, to my knowledge, have transcripts. I guess discussions are the format least likely to be transcribed given the complexity, time and expense of transcribing a natural group conversation. But if you find anything, do let us know!!

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@ esko_yera

Thank you for sharing your resources. The resources shared on this site makes it so worth being a member.

@ spcole83

Your 90 Day Resource List was great. Thank you. Have you tried VeinteMundos? It has a library of nearly 100 Intermediate/Advance Spanish articles with audio and related videos. Yolanda shared it on LingQ in 2011, look up the thread on LingQ. I found it elsewhere.


No, I didn’t know about this! Looks like a good resource, thanks for sharing!