Polish: Pop up for SJP (Słownik Języka Polskiego)

The dictionary pop-up for the Polish to Polish dictionary SJP only gives limited results. For many words it doesn’t show the definitions, although there are on the page.

It seem that the correct dictionary is not sjp.pl but sjp.pwn.pl

Edit: I wouldn’t replace sjp.pl but just add sjp.pwn.pl because both have their advantages.

Thanks for your suggestion!
I added that other dictionary too now (Slownik PWN) and the first one is still available as SJP.

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Please also add: Wielki słownik języka polskiego (wsjp.pl) Thanks!

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Sure, added.

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it doesn’t open correctly. May you look into it? Thanks!

Unfortunately I couldn’t make that one work and had to remove it. Sorry.