Polish on lingq

Anything new on upgrading polish from beta language to supported language? I think I read on a forum post at the beginning of this year that polish would become a supported language somewhere around February.

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I think it’s in the works but not really a priority at the moment because Lingq staff is working on other issues like fixing bugs, improving security etc… Just have to be patient and wait I guess.


Hi! It is on our list, though as CannIK84, we’ve had a few other things on our plate to focus on which have taken higher priority. However, we’re close to finishing with Polish, and will send out an announcement when it’s ready to go.

Polish is my baby. What does it imply to become a supported language? Thanks.

You can find our content requirements for adding a new language here: New Languages on LingQ
As Alex said, we’re close to finishing with Polish :slight_smile:

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