Polish Intermidiate 1 Material SOS

For the past 5 months i have been learning russian and as my studies progress fast enough ( i aim to add 150 known words per day for russian) i decided to pick up polish as well so i am happy to tell that it is going pretty good so far ( i add about 200 known words per day) but there’s a lack of intermidiate 1 material and i find hard intermidiate 2 texts. Any recomendations for ebooks or any other kind of material that i can import. I really like history books but i feel i am not yet up to that level where i can read and understand complex tests ( it will take a month or so to do it) . I really need help. Thank you in advance!!

Even though I’m Polish, I don’t really know any intermediate materials that I could recommend. If you like history books you have chosen a proper language, that is for sure, we have lots of them here. If I were you, I would find a Polish history book that has a Greek/English translation as well. Read first the translated book or paralelly with the Polish original. While importing the Polish book into Lingq, find also an audiobook so that you will have audio as well. In this way, you can somehow overcome the problem with a text above your level since you will be supported by the translation. I must warn you, however, that history books are written rather in a sophisticated language, so maybe it is better to choose something lighter first?

I just dont know what to pick up …I just need something to get me going. In 1 month i will enter intermidiate 2 material!!!

The answer was easier than i had ever thought. Harry f… Potter!!!

Depending on your definition of intermediate, I am just now refreshing my Polish listening to the new version of our Mini-stories. They are very well done. We have 25 now and another 35 will be loaded today according to Zoran. Spend some time with them. I then suggest you buy the Polish version of Red Notice by Bill Browder. You can find the e-book at Wyniki wyszukiwania - księgarnia internetowa Publio.pl and import it into LingQ. (you may to convert the file in Calibre. Then buy the audio book here. Czerwony alert audiobook | Audioteka. I enjoyed the book, which I had previously read in English. Familiar content is a great way to move into more advanced material. Good luck.


With my small experience so far intermidiate means about 10k words on lingq even on slavic languages (weak B1 at 10k) , polish mini-stories are excellent for analyzing structure and learning conjugations but reading extensively is my best word acquiring method so i ll give a try to czerwony alert !!!

I saw this post a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying the book (in Polish).

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I’d like to recommend to you my program: Speaking Teacher. There are plenty of English-Polish tests with many words and exercises - the point is that it has been prepared for learning English (by Polish speaking person) anyway tests can be also opened otherwise - so English speaking person who lerns Polish may also found that useful. This program is on my site (fully functional trial) https://www.sudermariusz.com.pl/english/speakingteacher.html