Polish has reached the required 2+5+5 hours to become a supported language

According to my calculations, Polish already has:
2:01:16 of Beginner lessons
27+ hours of Intermediate lessons
13+ hours of Advanced lessons

It means, Polish has reached the requirements New Languages on LingQ

How long may it take to make Polish the supported language?

PS. I have listened and read all these lessons. Just some lessons have acceptable audio quality, most of them have good or excellent audio files; all the lessons have the matching texts.


Thanks for going through and counting all this!

I believe Greek as well has enough content to be added as a supported language. We are a bit busy working on some other projects at the moment, so it’s not something that we’ll be to do immediately. Hopefully some time next month we should be able to spend the time on adding these new languages. Our priority right now is on continuing to improve the existing functionality on the site and improve the overall experience for new and existing users, though we will definitely do our best to make time for adding these new supported languages.

Let me just remind.


Sergei, Thanks for bringing this up. The quality of a lot of our beginner and intermediate lessons in Polish is really excellent. Yes we should do something here.


Thanks for the reminder on this. We’ve been caught up doing all sorts of other things, and still haven’t yet had the proper time to add Dutch as a supported language either. In addition to focusing on the new user experience and improving performance on the lesson page, we’ve also been working on updates to the API for improved functionality on the mobile apps, upgrades to our system architecture to reduce load, refinements in the Chrome Extension, updates in the Library, and redesigns of the Account and Settings pages - not to mention fixes for the various issues that pop up here and there. We do have this on our list, and will do our best to find the time to properly add Dutch, Polish and whichever other languages have met the content requirements as fully supported languages!

Sounds great to me! I’m currently doing a lot of my own lessons by using the Chrome add-in to read in Polish news articles and recently I bought the Polish audio book of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and managed to get a PDF version of the text.
I’m slowly creating my own text lessons and uploading the audio to go with it. LingQ is so good like this and is really helping me.
I can recommend this particular book for bringing into lingQ because each of the chapters is relatively short (10 to 20 mins of audio) and the text size per chapter is manageable.

Of course I’ve had to keep it all private due to copyright.

Pa Pa