Polish-English skype exchange

I’m Polish native-speaker from Bydgoszcz and I want to improve my English.
I’m looking for someone who is English native-speaker and want to learn Polish. The best would been if that person come form UK (British accent and less problems with time zone).
I’m waiting for any answers.

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I see that noone learn Polish, a pity becaouse I wanted to help anyone in learning Polish who would help me in learning English.
In that case I would like to ask if someone English native-speaker would mind to chat at skype? I’ve got upper-intermidate level in English and I’m 20 years guy who like such things like history, economy, music, bodybuilding and languages of course.

There are a few of us here learning Polish :). Although I’m afraid I have not met your criteria of being British… no one’s perfect :(…

I wrote that it would been nice if that person been from UK. It’s just general description I haven’t got any specified wanted. I just want practice my speaking with natives.
I’m sorry that I answering with latenss but I’ve influenza currentely.

by the way, I’m sorry for low quality of my English

I am also willing to improve my Polish, but I am not a native English speaker. :frowning:

I would love to help everyone learning Polish and I’m still waiting until they add it here as a new language… However, if you already have any questions concerning grammar, word choice or pronunciation, feel free to e-mail them to me at customic(at)wp.pl. I would be more than happy to help you!

@ customic

You know you can add content on Rhinospike.com (which I can then use here :), then when Mark finally responds to my ransom letter (I recently kidnapped his dog) we can just move it all over here. It would be better in the end because new languages (Korean for example) seem to take awhile to build steam, if you just wrote a simple diary/blog and posted on Rhinospike we can start building a Polish library before it’s offered here.

@ mikebond and Dako Maybe we can set up a three way chat here. Mikebond’s English is at an incredibly high level and if there’s one language where it’s okay to speak to someone with an accent it’s English. (Eg my Polish wife is at a high level and understands the Brits and the Americans with no problems, bring in an Indian, German or whatever speaking English and it becomes extremely difficult for her. Most English speaking that non-natives do is probably with other non-natives anyway.

Hey alll
I have english and arabic language,
i want to learn polish it’s so hard…i know.
my girl friend from Polanda…
and she is not good at english …can we exchange

Hey David! Yo! So I’m not from UK (America hahah sorry) Both my parents are from Poland, I lived there when I was a little kid. My Polski isn’t BAD but i want to improve it.

I’m pretty much a native speaker at this point in English since I use it everyday at work and school. I’ve help other friends learn English.

Let me know!