The button under my profile picture give points has gone. Can you please put in back so people can give me points

Thank you.

Not to worry, Gift Points button is still on your profile, but you are not able to see it, since you can’t gift points to yourself. :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry I’m late. Zoran taught me a lot. I didn’t have enough points now. But I can’t buy now. Maybe because my English coach maneges our students account, so he’ll pay for me. Please wait.

And also, I can read and listen your lesson, ofcourse Audio,too. The lesson neame is “The teacup, and the blanket”. Thank you so much. So I don’t know what you mean ‘Share the Audio’ .
If I made some lessons, I can choose Praivate or Public. So if you mean ‘Public’, maybe you can do it because you made it.