Points will expire although I'm active

I’ve just received a message informing me my points will expire in 1 month. Alghough I’ve been giving conversations on Lingq in the past year; my last transfert from points to cash was in June and my last conversation was 10 days ago. So can you explain me why? In the support page I can read “Do my points expire?LingQ points expire if not used within a one year period. As long as you are active, earning points, buying points or spending points, your points won’t expire.”

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Your points won’t expire, Katy. Please ignore the email you received. Users who were receiving points as reward during last 12 months (tutoring and shared lessons) will keep their points. We fixed that problem right after that notification email was sent. Sorry about that.


How about points received as gifts over a year ago?
Do I have to use all of them within a month or if I am active (booking some new conversations), the remaining points are fine?


Yes, your points will expire if you had no points activity during last 12 month. If you use some of those points or if you earn more points, they will remain on your account.

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Great, thanks for the clarification!

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