Points purchase prevented!

I have already sent an email to LingQ Support, but want to alert you here as well, just in case. I wanted to buy some points in view of the 20% discount. My credit card is being refused because “the Zipcode/Postcode doesn’t match”. My postcode hasn’t changed since I joined LingQ and, therefore, the message doesn’t make any sense.

(I confirmed the postcode in my email to LingQ Support)

P.S. The post above did not appear in the list of Recently Active Threads, although I got the message “Your thread has been added.”

Hi SanneT,

I’ve responded by email, but I’ll mention the same thing here.

While transactions happen through our site, it is actually PayPal who handles the transaction. If you are experiencing specific errors making purchases, it is of course best to report to us first as it may be due to a bug in our system, but in this case I will advice you to either contact your credit card company to see if something fishy is going on or contact PayPal (phone number: 402-935-7733).

Also, we see your post just fine in the Recent Active threads. Do you see it there now?

Thank you for the prompt response. My credit card company is driving me insane!

The discounted points offer is so attractive, but if the ccc won’t shape up, I shall have to remain pointless…

and yes, I saw the thread in the list right after my second post. Thanks again.