Points not being awarded for conversations?

I’ve just had a 15 minute one-on-one, sent off the report…and my points haven’t gone up.

It looks like you got the points now – can you verify?
Not sure what the problem was though; please let us know if it happens again!

Well, of course the problem might have been my dodgy maths :wink:

I just wondered if a bug crept into the system somehow. If you say it’s working, then I’m fully prepared to believe you!

You can always check on the Points page to see if the transaction took place. If it appears on this list then you can count it as good as gold, as these transactions are what directly affect your points balance.
The good news with this is that you don’t even have to rely on dodgy math skills :slight_smile:

Points page. Points page…Ah! Points page! What a very sensible innovation. Thank you. I shall look there in future and not rely on my memory.