Points for transcription (How many points is reasonable?)

Hi, I’m looking into maybe getting something transcribed. I’m still deciding on whether I should get it done here or elsewhere.

The podcasts I want to transcribe are usually around an hour. How many points do you personally think is reasonable for an hour long podcast to be transcribed into the language the narrator is speaking?

I don’t want to shortchange people at all which is why I am asking. When looking at transcription sites, some prices are double or triple for Japanese transcriptions as compared to English which is a little disheartening.

Also, if anyone else has any sources for audio with a script (in Japanese) please share it with me. Thank you :smiley:

The transcription of an hour conversation is almost imossible!..
In any case it takes the whole day of the work!
I often make the transcriptions of my conversations in Russia, English and German - and 10-minute conversation takes me 2-3 working hours, not less.

Sorry I didn’t make it more clear. I did mean to break it down into 10 or 20 minute chunks for different transcribers to share points around and to make things more manageable, I was just considering how much that might be all together. (I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. XD ) I know Steve gets things in 10 minute segments and eventually it all adds up.

Thank you so much for your input! I will consider that re: how many hours 10 minutes takes to transcribe, that was super helpful! :slight_smile:

On average I need 7 minutes or more to transcribe one minute of German for example. It can be more if the speed of speech is quite fast or the sound quality is poor.

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60 Minutes of conversations means at least a week working hard to trascribe. However, the most important thing is “take your time” do it at your own pace and enjoy.

It’s hard to do but we really need someone to do the hard work.

Good Luck

This is very true, thank you so much.

That’s good to know how long it takes per minute.
To be honest, I find it quite difficult to learn from sources that have poor audio quality because I normally learn when I am out and about, so I am listening to it over the sound of cars outside, people talking and other ambient sounds you might hear in day to day life. I would like to share whatever I get transcribed but I will have to ask the people who do the podcasts before then. If they say no then I will respect their wishes, but if they say yes, I will be so happy.

Keep in mind that professional transcribers can often do transcription more quickly than is indicated here. Typically, you pay a rate per audio hour for transcription and not an hourly rate for time spent. You do typically pay more for Japanese transcription so I assume it may take longer than other languages plus it is a higher wage country.

It would be great if you can find some interesting Japanese podcasts and share them. Some podcasters are ok with this since it helps them grow their audience. Others don’t like the fact that we are charging money for our service even though their content is free. Still others will let us sell their podcasts so they can earn some revenue. We are actually in the process of reaching out to podcasters to find more good podcasts to offer, especially in languages where we don’t have much of this type of content.

You will start to see more of this Premium content on the site as we try to provide more options. When talking to these podcasters you can offer all these options. Although if they want to sell their content then we would have to manage it. Which podcast are you wanting transcribed? If it looks like it would have broad appeal, we could reach out for you and manage the transcription. If we are paying for transcription, we would likely charge for the content but it would be less than paying the transcription yourself since we would hope to spread that cost around to other users.