Points for Transcribing the TV show Friends (in French)


I enjoy the series "Friends’ (in French) and have mp3 files and subtitles of many episodes.

I get my subtitles from a French fan club of the show. An example can be found here:

Of course the subtitles are not exact.
I am requesting a word-for-word transcript for an episode of “Friends” (i will provide the audio and the sub-titles). I have tried to transcribe them but because my spelling is horrendous (in French) it will take too long. Having the subtitles should help out quite a bit (as can you just add/take to/from them to make them exact)

As i am not sure of how long this task will take for an episode transcription, i am asking for reasonable offers (as to the amount of points) for this task.


Good luck!

A few side comments:

1-I’d be surprised if the official French box set dvd of all the Friends episodes didn’t come with accurate subs already. I know accurate hard subs are available for Chinese, as an example. Is this an option for you? Or are you mainly after an editable transcript-- to stick into lingq etc.

2- Elance or o-desk should give you a good price for this. $0.5 to $1/min is a reasonably good price, without first pass subtitles. With good subs, already, it may be less but keep in mind a good transcriber should be able to do this in less than an hour regardless (so the price may not drop a lot - they would still need to go through the whole episode).

Good transcribers, particularly if mp3 is provided, will use software that helps them pause and rewind (including foot pedals). I’d be surprised if many lingq users were set up for this.

3- I’ve always thought the exchange system would work better on a bid approach, such as you are doing.

4- Friends is actually a really good way to learn a language, imo. There is actually a book written about how to learn languages using the Friends box set. I know a number of people with excellent English, who swear that the Friends box set, with English subs, taught them all they know (possible embellishment, but I am not sceptical of the overall approach).

Iaing, I agree with you about Friends being a good choice.

I have the official dvd set, it comes with subtitles, but for Spanish, they are not very accurate, which is probably just as well, so I have to make more of an effort to follow.

But Friends is a great choice, the vocab is quite practical and conversational and it lasts only 20 minutes, so it does not take up too much time.

Thank you for the replies. I want to see if any French LingQers want the job-- because i am willing to pay reasonable points for the job-- before heading over to O-desk.


Hi, it will be for how many episode ?

I have 4 episodes with the audio and subtitles.

But the job would initially be for one episode (to see how that went). If all goes well i am thinking i would like to do most of the first season of Friends.


I use to do it but for smaller format (the French serie Kaamelott : - YouTube). So I am available to try.

So as i have the subtitles (which helps in transcribing the word-for-word dialogue) i am not sure how much time this will take you.

I want to offer a fair number of points (something like 2000 points/hour??). How much total time do you think it would take to transcribe for a 20 minute episode ?


this page seems to have some transcripts. You can go back to different seasons and episodes.

It is the price for class here so the price is fair.
The time will depend of if you have subtitles with timecode or if it just transcription (without timecode) and the quality of the transcription.
In the best case (codetime+good quality), 25-30 minutes will be enougth. In the worse case (no code time + bad quality), it will be something like 45-50 minutes I think.
You want subtitles in format .srt ?

Thanks for all you suggestions and interest – someone has been hired for the job.

I am looking to get the whole first season done (and then will move onto something else). I can pretty much understand the episodes with the subtitles (but i really want to study the word-for-word dialogue here at LingQ).

After I have a few espisodes of transcripts i will begin my 90 day (Friends challenge)


BTW. the subtitles at hypnoweb are great (but still not the exact word-for-word dialogue i was looking for)

What do you exactly mean with “word-for-word”? Do you mean that the subtitles are inconsistent with what is being said?

Here is an example (from the first episode of Friends “Celui qui déménage”)

Chandler responding to Monica about a potential date from at work.

On the subtitles Chandlier says: " Est-ce qu’il a une bosse et une postiche ?"

BUT what Chandler actually says: “il est une verrue sur le front. il est porté une moumoute”

So the words are not the same though the general meaning is there (is this guy a freak).

  • une bosse is a humpbacked person vs. une verrue (which means wart)
  • une postiche/une moumoute both can mean hairpiece/wig (but is still not what was actually said).

The main thing is that the subtitle are in fact not a word for word transcription of what is actually being said when they are speaking on TV.

Hope that clears it up,


it often like that because the French subtitle are translated from English subtitle but when they made the French audio, they made some adjustment.