Points don't increase

right, so far I did 2 one one ones and 1 group conversations with one person however my points are still at zero (next to the “buy” and “earn points”) or am I getting something wrong…

I think this is your “credit” points. Not your “score”.

ahh ok so where can I see the points?

Yuriy, points for tutoring are not credited to you automatically. You have to keep track of your activities and submit an invoice once a month. We are hoping to automate this process soon.

hmm interesting- is there a guide/article somewhere about how to do this?

Hi Yuriy, I sent you an email with a model tutor invoice. Just ask if it’s not clear.

Hi Reinhard! I’m also interested in this model tutor invoice. Could you please also send it to me? Thank you very much!

Hi Reinhard, is that the example that I sent you some time ago? Maybe we could create a tutor site on the Wiki and add it to the Wiki.

I have one that Kindrey gave me, I tunned it up a bit


this is the correct url


I just realized maybe I’m not supposed to upload it to the public, I erased it from my server, you can ask me for the file at my email

soyberta (at) gmail.com

We hope the tutor invoice will be a thing of the past in 2010 so whatever you do is just temporary anyway. The system will start to automatically track tutoring in the near future.

Yes Vera, it’s the Excel file you sent to me.