"Points" does not reflect my purchase

Excuse me, but now I purchased additional points, and I received
the invoice from lingQ.

However, “Points” on the bar hasn’t reflected my purchase.
Could you tell me what to do?

Now I am thinking this might be because today is Sunday…
Does anybody think so too?
Or Is there anybody having the same problem?

Have you tried sending an e-mail directly to support@lingq.com? They generally manage to clear up things quickly.


Oh, thank you for your kind advice.
I’ve just emailed to them.

I bought another 5000 points today, and received Payment Confirmation/Invoice
from LingQ. However, still “Points” remains 868.

By the way I am happy to be given the chance to talk to you, SanneT
because of this problem!

There may just be some delay because of the weekend. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you, with or without a problem!



It is my pleasure to see you anytime!
Thank you for your sweet reply to me.



Now I’ve received the additional points that I had purchased!
I do not know why this problem was fixed.
I just logged out, then logged in, when I found my points had come.

Thank you SanneT and YutakaM!

I have only 296 points left, but I am afraid to buy extra points at this moment because I hardly know whether the bug is still in the program or not.


I totally understand how you are feeling.
I felt very miserable with only 868 left with me…

That is quite strange. I don’t know why those points were not added right away. It could have been a delay with our payment provider. Our system does not add the points until we have received confirmation from our payment provider. At any rate, the system worked they were added in the end. We didn’t have to do anything at our end.


Thank you for your reply.
As you say this is very strange because extra points usually come right away after
my purchase, regardless of what day of the week.

If I have the same problem, I will report it to you.

Thank you, Mark.