Points disappeared from my account after NOT taking a lesson with a tutor

Hi Zoran,
here is my problem. Yesterday I booked my first conversation with a tutor (for tonight). The tutor, though, never confirmed because he clearly never logged in nor saw the request. The trouble is that after the time when the lesson was supposed to take place, the foreseen amount of points disappeared anyway. What shall we do?

No worries, in cases like that, points are refunded back to your account. I checked and I can confirm that 750 points were added back to your account.

Hi, I still can’t see them. Anyway, to be honest I must say that the points I apparently lost were 500, not 750.

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All points should now be added back to your account.

They are. Thanks

Hi again. To be fair, I warn you that the original 500 points that were missing have appeared again. So that means that now I have 500 points more than I payed for…

Hi maxrol20,

You’re very honest!

I don’t know what language you are learning, nor indeed what language you booked a conversation in - but I’m intrigued as it appears LingQ, in this case Zoran, couldn’t see the allocated points in your history.

I hope you get to keep the additional 500 points - it’s hard for LingQ to automate this as for all LingQ knows you and your tutor decided to keep the booking but meet on a different day.

@maxrol20 Thanks for letting me know, it’s adjusted properly now.

Haha, I don’t know if it’s honesty or if I’m testing Zoran’s generosity :slight_smile: I’m studying Romanian, because I’ve discovered Lingq a few months ago and that was the language I was dealing with at the time. To answer your question, I think that tutor never logged in nor received e-mails, he’s probably not active (alive???) anymore. I wonder if inactive tutors are deleted sooner or later. Now I’m trying with another one, it would be the first I manage to put my hands on :slight_smile: