"Podcasts about language learning with Luca Lampariello in Spanish"

Hi everybody, I just wanted to tell you that Luca and I started a mini-series in Spanish about language learning. The first episode is about talent in language learning: what it means, what role it plays, and if a “normal” person can learn any language. Obviously the answer is a resounding yes for Luca. The second one will be about how to use language material. As you will hear, Luca’s Spanish is surprising and the information he gives is priceless :slight_smile:

Berta te saluda


I forgot the link (thank you Jolanda!)


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Amazing interview!!! Thank you very mach for this podcast!

Cheers! :wink:

Wonderful, lively, and proactive discussion! I actually understood 98% of it, which means the message really hit home for me. Thanks Berta, and please thank Luca for me.

I wish I would speak Spanish …

"Great article! I had no idea I’d be logging 6,001 read Spanish words today; especially since I’m off to France this week.
I enjoyed reading what you and Luca had to say about language-learning and I also like how there’s always that little spark between the two of you. (head a plateau – in English would be “hit a plateau”).

This message will annoying self-destruct in…

Whatever helps you get through the day

hahahhahah you’re all so funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Imani I’ll say thanks to Luca :wink:

I’m glad you all liked it!. There are lots more of them to come!


Thanks for the podcast!

Luca’s Spanish is indeed impressive. As a non-native speaker, I can hardly recognize any accent and he talks clearly and at a high pace. Of course, as an Italian it’s certainly much easier to learn Spanish (the same applies to Portuguese) than for someone from Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia or any Slavic country. But I’m pretty sure, that he speeks just as well (or almost as well) in any other language he has learnt so far.

Luca told us in this podcast, that he talks a lot in different languages at work, so he casually gets a lot of practice. But is it possible to maintain a high (Advanced I or even II) level in such a great number of different languages, if you have a job where you normally don’t need foreign languages at all? I think, in this case it is much more difficult.

Anyway, I hope that I’ll one day be able to reach my aims (Intermediate II or Advanced level) in those languages I’ve chosen up to now. Listening to one of this successful polyglots, telling us that almost everyone can learn several languages without too much effort, may be an incentive to reach one’s goals for many learners (or maybe a frustration for those, who don’t achieve satisfactory results in spite of all their effort?!).

I’m looking forward to listening to future podcasts, where you talk about other topics…

I’ve discovered the second podcast:


Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but am looking forward to it!


Thank you Sanne!

Third podcast!



Thank you, Berta!

I understood about 20%!!! I’m so happy, it was good and clear. But even though I could understand about 20-25% I don’t think I’d remember it without it written in front of me. Is that normal?

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Fourth podcast!


Gracias a Luca y a tí, Berta.


@Vann “I understood about 20%!!! I’m so happy, it was good and clear. But even though I could understand about 20-25% I don’t think I’d remember it without it written in front of me. Is that normal?”

Well done, Connor. It definitely feels good when a lot of studying pays off. Seeing the number of Spanish words you know, I think it is normal for you to rely a bit on the written text. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all.

@SanneT you beat me to it!! Just came here to do the same, and I’m about to give it a read/listen.

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Look, I found Podcast No. 5!


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