Podcast + transcript

Thanks for your excellent work so far!
I am learning swedish at the moment. I have a question regarding the podcast subscription and I am sure this has been mentioned before:

I would find it helpful to have the text/ script visible while the mp3 is playing. I can then read the text while listening and get familiar with spelling and words. (shouldn’t be a problem for the video pod).

Greetings from stockholm!

Hi armind,

I assume you mean you want to be able to listen and read on your iPod. In that case, I suggest you look at this post on the LingQCentral blog, http://lingqcentral.lingq.com/2008/05/we-are-asked-pe.html.

Hej Mark,
Thanks for your response!

Yes I have tried this but no joy unfortunately.
I did as described, copied the text into Itunes/info/lyrics and synced Ipod again.

Additional tips, tricks welcome.

(Ipod nano)


Did you follow these instructions to view the text?

To see the text on your iPod:

  1. Play the audio file on your iPod
  2. Click the center button 4 times until you see the text

Hi, how are you?
I supposed that my level is advanced, but when I listened the explanations
with the demo…I think that everything is explained very quickly.
I think that this way to learn English is very useful but I need to learn more
about how to create a bank of words with my own list of hints …
Thank you

Hi 97duero,

You can also check the Help pages for help in other languages. If you have specific questions, just post them here in the forum.