Podcast Francais Facile not recording time

The francias facile podcasts, at least the 1st one, which is what I’m on, is not showing any time. The time reads 0:00 and its not being recording on my weekly “score card.” Any ideas?

Bonjour, it seems that the entire collection has the same problem. The audio works but no time recorded :frowning:

Perhaps, the duration was never entered for those lessons. If they are using an external url, the duration must be entered as well in order for the statistics to calculate. Marianne, if that is your collection, you will find this field in the Advanced Settings window.

@Mark. I looked at this collection because I used some of these podcasts and to eventually make some changes but these are not mine. LingQ seems not to be the provider either so I don’t know who shared these items…

@ anapaula - I believe this is your collection.

Now it shows the full time while playing; but it still does not record your time on the stats.