Plz give me tips to learn Russian / I'm at A0-A1

After a long journey of give-up, eventually I’ve decided to study Russian
Plz give me tips to learn Russian.
I’m Japanese who use English at a C1 level and Japanese as a native. Currently, I use one beginner conversational style textbook with grammar explanations, LingQ, Memrise and possibly I can use Anki(I’m using it for English).
My goal of learning Russian is to understand Russian Radio called Comedy Radio(i don’t know what they say but it sounds interesting) and write Russian words not sentences. I don’t aim to speak Russian but I wanna get a native like To sum up, my aim is to reach C1-C2 level in listening and spelling vocabularies(taking short notes).

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I have been studying Russian for the last few years and now I am able to understand a lot of media content, engage in conversation and even teach in Russian.
You are doing the right thing. Since you already know the alphabet and understand the main grammar points, just keep on reading Russian texts and listening to Russian audio. Increase the difficulty of the material as you make progress until you can tackle content meant for native speakers. That’s the main thing, Keep going and you’ll reach a good level, but it’ll take a while, a few years in fact, so ganbatte!!!

I see. Thanks! You, too.

It’s a good decision - to reach C1 in Russian. But of course, you have to start with little lessons for beginners to know main words and main rules.
You can find a lot of, maybe 2,000 and more, my Russian lessons in lingq from A0 to C1.
For start you can use my course РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ (RUSSIAN FROM ZERO):


evgueny the russki s noolya series is really really awesome. I wish that native speakers for each language on lingq would make their own very simple ministories that showcase the idiosyncrasies of their languages and then have the proprietary lingq ministories.

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Привет. I’ll check it. I hope I will have a conversation with you in Russian in one year. Пока пока

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