PLS, help with translation of Business term related to Sales process

I’m translating an article for the moment. The article is related to customer lifecycle. Everything has been fine, until I found the term that now pisses me off.

If you’re sales manager you may know that you may interact with your established clients basically two ways:

  • via cross-selling process. It’s when you selling an additional product or service to an existing customer.
  • via up-selling process. It’s a technique when saleperson attempts to have the customer purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

But I’ve found another term - in russian it is written as “повторные продажи”. This term covers the situation when you try to prolongate your current license or Service Agreement contract. In other words, you sell your services once again, so actually you sell the same product/service one more time. In my frivolous translation, this term should be “repeated sales” or “recurring sales”, but I haven’t found these terms in Internet so I concluded they are not used.

Do you know how to translate this term?

I don’t speak Russian and so don’t know what that term is. Anyway, “repeat sales” (repeat, not repeated) is a very common term in sales and marketing. Also, the word “retain” is often used to mean to keep a customer. For example:

We are losing too many customers. Let’s launch a customer retention program next month.

thnx a lot for your answer.
As I wrote, my biggest concern about the term “repeat sales” was a very low presence in Google. I.e. when I google the term, it’s only a few links. But the situation is quite cool when I google the “Customer retention”. And my boss approves only the terms that can be easily found in Google :slight_smile:

Good luck!
P.S.If you would ever have any questions about Russian, don’t hesitate - ask me, I’ll try to help :slight_smile:

Your boss has a pretty warped sense of “easily found.” Google returns well over twenty million hits for “repeat sales,” including the definition from

“Purchase of a product by a consumer to replace a prior purchase that has been consumed; also called replacement sale.”

If that’s not “easily found” than I don’t know what it.