Please, you can help me

please, you can help me

I need some subject to write about it, I want to share with you all. I find difficult to get it. how can I create something, this is I think the talent, that I not have.

go to the writing area and then click to “submit…”
On the right in the first line you can see “questions” - click on it.
Now you have a lot of topics you can write about.
You have not to use exactly this, you may change how you want.
Have fun with

Helloooo, Irene

It nice to see you here. you are very active.God bless you. thanx

If I’m staying on PC I want to help others to be familiar with Lingq - but now I have to go in the garden - we have springtime weather :slight_smile:

hello every one…

This is a sun