Please recognize the language and transcribe

Please, can someone write down the words of this audio?

it is too short to recognize anything!

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I hope there is such a native speaker here, who can tell us what this word means.

Does anybody have any idea what language it is?

It’s too short, Ress, you hear only half a word and that’s not enough to identify the language. The language could be Danish but I need more words to verify.

I have cut it from a video. I swear, it was the only word. I cannot even guess his nationality because his face was not diplayed. I suppose he was surprized.

Maybe it is not a word at all. It sounded to me like he was calling out somebody’s name.

It sounds like a drunk saying “язык”, but if that were the case then I guess that you would be the native speaker that you’re looking for.

[Edit] Not because of the drunk part!

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Oh yes, I hear that now, kind of like “Язи”

For my ears it sounds like Ежли but it happened in France and sounds no way Russian, Belarusian or Ukraininan.

to me it sounds like : Ya, Je l’ai eu.
In french it means: I had it


I guess you’re right.
The audio was taken from here:

But I would never suppose it corresponds to

The first time I heard it when you posted it I couldn’t understand what language it was. But yes it seems to be French! And it’s confirmed by the video. I happen to live in Lyon and the explosion took place a few hundred meters from where I work, but I didn’t hear anything that day.


However, the way he pronounces “yeah” is weird and makes it hard to recognize.

Couldn’t you understand that it was your native language the first time you’ve heard it?
Could the voice belong to a foreign student, for instance?

No I couldn’t. Now that I know what it says, of course I understand it but before that I couldn’t. It’s a very short audio and the ear and the brain don’t have much to focus on.

It could belong to a foreign student but I’m not even sure of that. Youngsters like to speak oddly sometimes.

Interesting exercise though! It could be a weekly game on the forum. :wink:


It could be a weekly game on the forum

I support the idea :slight_smile:


In the last month or so, I started my listening practice for Italian. Since I am at the Beginner level, my first listening goal is to understand the words they are saying, to make sure I can hear every sound in every word (if it is there). The first time I listen to an audio, I like to listen without having read the transcript, so I am just guessing what I think they are saying. Then I look at the transcript, and focus on the words I am having trouble understanding. If I am really having trouble understanding, then I follow along in the transcript while I am listening.

So, when I listened to this audio, I just focused on all of the sounds I could hear. To my ear (which is not trained to understand French), it sounded like: J’Yeszi with the voice rising at the end like it was a question… It was interesting to find out what he really said, because then I could see which sounds I missed or misunderstood.

Yea, would be cool if LingQ had a weekly contest - guess that phrase! :stuck_out_tongue: