Please make the synchronized audio to text feature on the APP more like how it is on desktop

i love this feature. Its especially awesome when im on the treadmill having this thing autoscroll to the audio so its handsfree.

sometimes the sync isnt perfect. its falls off a line or two here and there in either direction. Im sure youre well aware of it

this isnt really an issue on desktop where the highlighted text is centered so if the sync isnt perfect there is still dialogue displayed on screen below it. but on the app the highlighted text is at the bottom. so when the sync unaligns you have to physically scroll downward just to see the dialogue and its no longer a handsfree experience

just make it just like the desktop version with the highlighted text centered. that way there is still a few lines below it visible in case the audio desyncs for a moment.

im gonna use the browser version on my phone just to have it centered


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll forward this to our team and we will see what we can do.