Please improve the use of space of the reader when used on the desktop

I’ve said it before, but the layout of the reader on the desktop is abysmal. The things I’ve highlighted are the only truly important things when I am reading, and everything else doesn’t matter. Maybe when I’m not studying they could be cool to have in the way, but when I’m reading they are distracting, and a MASSIVE WASTE OF SPACE. Just look at ALL THOSE MARGINS and WASTED SPACES BETWEEN MODULES.

That’s another another thing, the popularized look was pretty cutting edge cira 2004, but we’ve moved on. People finally realized that it is more important to have a function layout the OPTIMIZED THE AVAILABLE SPACE ON THE SCREEN, than to have pretty little widgets that just take up space even when they aren’t needed.

If you were to clean up your layout a bit and do away with a lot of this wasted space, or AT LEAST GIVE ME THE OPTION TO MINIMIZE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE WAY, then this website would be so much more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and just generally far more usable. I’d even be happy to throw together a rough layout for if you’d at least indicate to me that you do in fact recognize the need to improve it.

I love the idea of lingq and the utility it provides me, but I am so sick of the poor layout and wasted space. Please for the love of all that is good, FIX IT.

If you make your browser window smaller, the layout tightens up a bit.