Please ,how can I sedding some writting for submittion?

please , I buy some points and I would like starting with some writtes,but I don’t know if I muss asking some tutor for submite then and before sending them or how?
It’s more clear for conversation .Can someone answe-me.

danifernandez, you may post your writing at the Exchange page. The number of points will be proposed by the system. In some days there will be some answers from different LingQers.
Please let us know if something is described not clear on the Help page and in the video guide there. Community Help

You can write to me at my email address. and I can correct your writings for free, If you want. I hope that you can learn your target language at a good pace.

thanks for yours answers.
And Ozzy thank you very much, you’re very kind.

It cencosred my email address. voblox When you do type it in remove the space between voblox and the @