Please help

I’m from Iraq and we don’t have visa card … how can I pay to upgrade my account please I need help

@karrar - Thanks for your interest in upgrading. We accept payment via credit card or through PayPal. If you do not have a credit card, you may want to ask a parent/sibling/friend to use their card to upgrade your account. Let us know if you have any other questions.

thanks to your replay … but the problem is that we don’t have this service

@karrar - At this time we are unable to accept payment through other methods. Integrating new payment platforms into our system can cause problems, but if there is enough demand for a specific payment platform we will consider it.

on the way , I have a suggestion we should give out a list of the price for all learners around the world with three or four regions undeveloped, developing, and developed countries. it is really unfair for a student in japan and a student in zimbaweil pay ten dollar for a month learning here, the learners in developed countries pay three times as much as the poor learners in undeveloping countries like vietnam, cambodia, lao, and many in africa. people dont want to pick up ten dollars on the street in japan or china. but in poor country 10 dollars is a bunch of money. I hope that this system will work smarter for popularity of learners around the world.
see and think admins