Please help with the translation

please help me to correct mistakes in my translation

The game isn’t as simple as it seems as can appear at the first glance because it requires a physical endurance and this creates a unique gameplay when the player begins to experience air hunger and his focus and concentration falls. The player will need good endurance and the ability to correctly distribute his forces in order to score the maximum number of points

When you first start the game, you may need to adapt the microphone to work with the game. Go to the Description and try to make a few shots. If shooting goes wrong restart the game and try again. When testing the game on different computers after this shooting was carried out correctly. Don’t forget to check the microphone sensitivity in the settings.

This game was developed on Windows XP and practically can runs on calculator. If you think I’m crazy, if I’m create game on Windows XP, then you’re absolutely right.

Please… it seems at first glance… (OR, it can appear at first glance)… requires physical endurance… a unique way of playing…player gasps for air…concentrations fails…do a few shots…If the shooting…correctly, don’t forget…and can run well enough on a calculator… crazy to create a game…

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Thank you very much!