Please help translate this into English


I am learning Korean so I am not very good at it yet.
I was wondering if you help me translate the comic below into English, because some of the words are not clear or I cannot find on the internet.

P.S. Is there any good website for Korean-English dictionary?

hi. Mr. 1990

im korean. but my english skill is poor.
nevertheless I be try to translate.

이렇게 허무하게… = like this futilty…
고작 현관문 닫힌게 끝이라고… = just, front door to close is the end…
하하… = hmm…(a hollow smile)
너무한다 정말… = that’s… too much… (or - that’s… too painful…)
차라리 비웃기라도 해주지 = I wish that you rather tiny ridicule me(or - I hope you rather a bit of ridicule)
평소 외출하는 것 같잖아… = It’s like going to see a friend.(or - Usualy It’s like going to out; Simply, you do like to go out -that’s google translater)
이대로 내가 당신을 잊을 수 있을 까 = maybe I would’t forget you?(that’s very difficulty. i think that sentence be wrong)

translation isn’t perpect. just try…

P.S. is first korea site. site right look. support english. and fill up the blank, you looking that translate korean to english.

bye. I want to be helpful.

I second as your best resource for translations. Since there’s a lot of differences in word order and subtlety between English and Korean, sometimes it helps to have several example sentences and their translations to help figure out the meaning, which is exactly what Naver Dictionary provides. is another good place to ask for translation requests.

Good luck in your Korean studies!

w3i8sud: Thank you so much! It was helpful! :]
Do you think you can write the quotes of the picture below in characters for me?

also, can you try translating this picture below? I

Lastly, thank you for the website

jamesduffy: thank you for the websites! I will check it out! :]

You might want to try this:

It works pretty well for Korean-English translations.