Please, help me to recognize the language

Hi all ! Can anybody help me to recognize the language of the song? Looks like spanish… Stream La Danza de los Vampiros by Alvin K | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Yes, its definitely spanish. But I cant help you to write down the lyrics. In the chorus they are singing something like “bailar con uno, bailar con otro. Bailar contigo, bailar conmigo…”

Yes, Spanish. “La Danza de los Vampiros” seems to be the title, or at least the phrase that’s repeated most often
“La danza de los vampiros, baila con uno, baila con otro, baila contigo, baila conmigo.
La danza de los vampiros, ella no sabe qué peligro, el tipo que la invitó”.
It’s about a vampire who goes dancing with a girl

Dangit I was waiting for a language challenge with this one.

Sounds like Spanish to me.

Thank you very much for answers.