Please help me to complete transcripts of the audio files for sharing lessons of English

The other day, I learned a lot from the conversation between Robert, an Austrian polyglot, and Steve Kaufmann, whose audio files were posted on Steve’s blog “The Linguist on Language” on March 23, 2011.

There were only audio files there, however I tried to make transcripts of them and both Robert and Steve kindly allowed me to share those audio files and transcripts as lessons for English learners at LingQ.

I have just uploaded the audio files and their corresponding transcripts as lessons, however there are some parts that I cannot transcribe because of my current listening skills and I think there must be some mistakes too.

So, could you please anyone who has Editor Pencils to correct them? Or, of course anyone who is native speakers of English can help me to complete the transcripts by letting me know. I also can send original word files of transcripts that I made.

There are parts that are told in German in the end of the last audio files. I cannot understand them at all, so I would thank natives of German for helping me to completing those parts.

I can help making transcripts of Japanese contents (audio files, YouTube videos or so forth) vice versa if you have them, or I will give Points if you would like.

Thank you very much in advance.

I hope these lessons will be helpful for English learners at LingQ.

Here’s the link to the collection.

That’s a huge job!
Thank you!
English is not my native language, so I can not help you.
But if you have questions about German expressions, please let me know.

You had a brilliant idea! These conversations are trully interesting. I don’t have an Editor Pencil, and am therefore incapable of correcting mistakes I found. I listened to this interview and picked out a few ones, but overall you did very well. Thank you for this great job.

@Serge, you can ask Mark for the pencil. Nice to have you back on LingQ :slight_smile:

I have a pencil… I’ll take a look now.

Corrections made. I have to say hirohide, I was very impressed!

Vera, maybe you could correct my poor German at the end ?

Or maybe the German exchange at the end should not be in the transcript. It is an English lesson after all.

It’s great to see this kind of community effort in transcribing and correcting. :slight_smile:

I agree with Jamie in that the German exchange should not be included – at least in the transcript. This is the very reason we added the “ignore” button :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be faster to edit the German part out of the transcript with the pencil.

I’ve now removed the German text from the lesson text. :slight_smile:


It only took less than 8 hours for transcripts to be corrected by very kind LingQers from when I uploaded them at LingQ Library!

I really appreciate your taking time to correct the transcripts.

What I think is great here is that a learner transcribed the text as a form of dictation. That is very helpful in our language learning. Then a number of other learners, native speakers and non-natives alike, checked it over. Is this a formula we can repeat?

“Is this a formula we can repeat?” - Steve

Definitely. I hope this is not just confined to English.

Let’s see if other people can come forward with audio that needs transcribing in whatever language.

BTW I heartily recommend the CBC podcast site for audio content in English and French. And of the English podcasts I recommend The Vinyl cafe.

See complete list of CBC podcasts here

I wanted to do this with the French podcast site, but haven’t (yet) obtained permission to share their material, after a promising initial email exchange with them. I think this is a very worthwhile exercise.

So we already obtaiined permissions from both CBC and Radio Canada?

We obtained permission many years ago from the CBC for The Linguist. I think I may have to approach them again. The permission did not include Radio Canada.

Please do Steve, there’s a decent science show on there (Les années lumières) I wouldn’t mind having a crack at.